Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

23.2. Nepal Open Task 4

After only two valid task the organizers decided to add one day. The task was ment to be easy, so everybody should reach the goal. Takeoff, Torepani, Diki Danda, East Green Wall, Russian Construction, Japanese, Frontiers Landing.
I gave up again after spending a long time in Diki Danda chasing the lifts low, and being pushed out by the crowd as soon as I got something usable. In the wall, I couldnt fly properly with especially two other gliders. I wanted to ged rid of em, but they followed even when I was leaving the best climbs. Back in the house thermal, I could just avoid two collisions, I went again low towards Torepani, fucked it up, landed at Frontiers. Not my day, not at all. Tomorrow is an other day...

Link to the much better blog from Stan.
13th Nepal Open Final day

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